Multi Step Solution Building

We provide comprehensive consultation services in all phases of your project.

Research Design Development:
In the initial phase of your research project we can provide you with the research design that will best address your research questions and hypotheses

Statistical Consultation:
We recommend the most appropriate data analyses to test your hypotheses, conduct the analysis, interpret the results and assist in the presentation of results in a clear and concise manner.

Understanding of the objective
Deciding the sample size
Questionnaire designing
Data Entry/Scrutiny
Data Analysis (Basic statistics using Cross tabs, frequency tables, histograms)
Advanced Data Analysis (Fitting of models etc)
Manova Work Methodology
1) Initial Consultation:
After the client contacts us, we ask for any/all information that will help us understand the project. We review this documentation and discuss it in detail with the client. We inquire from the client what type of services they would like; how he/she thinks we could be of service and his/her goals.

2) Consultation Goals and Estimated Fees:
We then provide the client with an estimate regarding the amount of time and cost that our consulting services will entail along with a detailed outline how we can assist in the project. At the end of this stage, we will arrive at a mutual understanding of the consultation goals.

3) Consultation Fees, Payment Schedules, and Payment Options:
Consultation fees, payment schedules and payment options are discussed. We outline all the payment options that are available to our client. Clients have the options of paying by check or wire transfer.

4) Development of a Plan and Exchange of Information:
After it is agreed that Manova Research will provide the consultation services to the client, a detailed plan is developed regarding how we can meet the consultation goals. At this phase, the client usually provides us with more information (e.g., entire literature review, the data set, etc.) that enables us to start the consulting process.

5) Ongoing Consultation, Support, and Counseling:
Once the consultation process begins, there is ongoing contact between our consultants and our clients with the focus of each contact being to meet the consultation goals. The consultants at Manova Research understand the stresses and concerns that are a part of the project and are especially sensitive to addressing them.

6) Submission of Analysis and & Recommendations:
Once the project is successfully completed, we will submit our analysis and recommendations.
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