The proliferation of television channels and the fragmentation of the audience have made the media planners’ job even more difficult. Gone are the days of predictable audience and broadcast. Today narrow casting is here to stay and the only certainty in the future is the further fragmentation of the audiences.

In view of all this, TRP ratings become the backbone and one of the most vital variables for any media plan. How to predict the Television Ratings for a particular program in a particular channel and at a particular time slot is the key to wisely investing media budgets.

Therefore, before reaching to any conclusion regarding the dependability and integrity of TRP Data it is imperative to identify factors, which could have an effect on the deliveries i.e., variations in pre and actual plan.

Manova Research services can aid you in the following areas:

1) To analyze the likely TRP ratings of a New Program
2) To predict the expected revenue from A CLIENT who is going to advertise for a particular TV channel for a give period
3) Analysis of Time series data exhibiting trend and seasonal variations & developing forecasting models can be a major step in decision-making
These above analysis are based on certain parameters like:
Program Parameter
Production Quality
Star Cast
Environmental Parameter
Channel Share
Audience Flow
Some of the techniques that can be used to achieve the best results are:
Scatter Points
Cross Tabulation
Cluster Analysis
Factor Analysis
Simulation Technique

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