Analyzing Links between Employee Attitudes and Customer Satisfaction.
These are two sides of the same coin.

It is employee attitude that will foster customer satisfaction.
Increasingly, companies look towards enhancing employee morale and improving organizational attitudes to serve the customer better. Additionally, understanding employee attitudes is also a vital factor when it comes to reducing turnover and training costs.

It’s therefore important to understand those relationships and make it work to your advantage and have a win-win situation always. Today, most organizations invest in measuring and quantifying employee opinions and attitudes by incorporating Employee engagement Surveys, and/or 360 degree Feedback Survey into their existing HR and organizational processes.

Normally these engagement studies focus on:

Work – Motivation, Work tasks and resources
People – Colleagues, Middle and Top management
Opportunities – Recognition and career growth
Compensation – Pay & Perks
Procedures (Polices, HR)
Quality of Life – Physical Work Environment

Based on the feedback data from the survey Manova Research can offer a wide range of solutions derived based on statistical modeling techniques. These solutions will offer you insights to:

Motivate employees
Increase efficiency
Enhance customer satisfaction
Reinforce employee retention
Reduce turnover and associated reductions in training costs
And above all deliver your brand promise

Manova Research
Employing Statistical Accuracy to Foster Customer Satisfaction.

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