Commissioned research is always oriented towards a clear understanding of emerging trends. A major portion of the Research budget is spent on the actual process of data collection whereas the efficacy of the exercise is dependent on its analysis and interpretation. Manova Research offers a range of incisive and insightful statistical techniques to derive actionable interpretations from raw research data.

Our expertise in statistical analysis and interpretation of Research data include:

Market Information

Analysis of the market potential for existing products (e.g. market size, growth, changing sales trends)
Forecasting future demands for the existing products
Assessing the potential for the new product
Study of market trends
Analysis of competitor behavior and performance
Analysis of market share
Product Information
Likely customer acceptance (or rejection) of new products
Comparison of existing products in the market (e.g. price, features, costs, distribution)
Forecasting new uses for existing products
Technologies that may threat existing products
New product Development
Information about Pricing in the Market
Estimates and testing of price elasticity
Analysis of revenues margins and profits
Customer perceptions of “just or fair” pricing
Competitor pricing strategies
Efficacy of Promotional Efforts
Effectiveness of advertising
Effectiveness of sales forces (Medical representatives, personal selling etc.)
Extent and effectiveness of sales promotional activities
Competitor’s promotional strategies
Efficacy of Distribution
Use and effectiveness of distribution channels
Opportunities to sell direct
Cost of transporting and warehousing products
Level and quality of after- sales service

Manova Research
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