Manova Research offers industry a range of sophisticated statistical analysis and interpretation services that help in deciphering actionable outputs from data.

The applications could be varied, the industry could be different, but if the analysis requires complicated statistical calculations and interpretation by a seasoned statistician, call us. We will study your project and recommend the method of data analysis that is appropriate for your unique research question.

Our inherent strengths in Information Technology and Data management will add to your bottom line by providing the right Decision support inputs.

Our services are targeted at Individual Researchers, Research institutions, Public and Private corporations as well as Government and Semi-Government institutions.

Our services broadly include Data Management and the application of sophisticated Statistical analysis techniques to derive actionable interpretations.

Manova offers true benefits of Knowledge Process Outsourcing - enhanced efficiency, incisive analysis, and valuable insights at a price that will be a pleasant surprise.

Data Management
Effective data coding to ensure successful analysis
Transforming, re-structuring, aggregating and managing data
Summary statistics - when to use them and how to interpret them
Assessing & Visualizing relationships between variables through charts and graphs
Presenting information clearly and effectively through reports and tables
Application of the Advanced Statistical Analysis Techniques
Multiple Regression - building models to predict continuous response
Logistic Regression - developing advanced scoring models for binary response variable
Analysis of Variance - to identify and explain the differences between two or more groups
Chaid - segmenting data to improve customer retention and campaign response
Clustering and Discriminant Analysis - classifications to help understand your markets
Time Series Analysis - to build models for business forecasting
Neural Net Techniques- to generate superior models with irregular data

Our team has extensive experience in using statistical packages such as SAS, SPSS, Sysstat, Minitab, WinNonlin Pharsight etc.

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