One of the major risks involved with lending is the risk of default.

Manova Research offers banks & financial institutions a range of statistical solutions that include statistical modeling, data mining, and credit scoring. The analysis uses quantitative knowledge of the pay back performance along with characteristics of past loans in electronic databases to predict the performance of future loans.

The probability of a loan seeker turning a defaulter is modeled based on financial parameters such as debt to income ratio, credit card debts, number of dependents, years with current employer, and years at current address.

Manova Research uses Effective clustering to identify customer groups; associate new customers with an appropriate customer group and facilitate targeted marketing.

Data Mining to Combat Financial Crimes

The sophistication and the volume of financial crimes are increasing by the day.
Given the level of computerization and automation, financial data recorded by banks are most often high quality, complete, and reliable.
Effective data mining can help retrieve relevant information from these databases and aid speedy investigation.
It can even be used by criminal investigators who have no background in statistical analysis or modeling.

Manova Research services in the Financial domain include Design and construction of data warehouses for multidimensional data analysis and data mining.
This can be used to:

View the debt and revenue changes by month, by region, by sector, and by other factors
Access statistical information such as max, min, total, average, trend, etc.
Enable Loan payment prediction/consumer credit policy analysis
Feature selection and attribute relevance ranking
Analyze Loan payment performance
Apply Consumer credit rating
Creating Classification and clustering of customers for targeted marketing
Facilitating multidimensional segmentation by nearest-neighbor, classification, decision trees, etc. to identify customer groups or associate a new customer to an appropriate customer group
Detection of financial crimes
Integration of from multiple DB’s (e.g., bank transactions, fed)

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