Manova Research offers pharmaceutical companies a whole range of high value statistical & analytical solutions that help in objective interpretation and supports informed decision-making. These include:

Statistical services for Clinical Trials (Phase I-IV)

Our services related to clinical trials include
Designing protocol for statistical analysis
Sample size determination
Data entry
Generating tables and summary statistics
Drawing inferences based on tests of significance
Commonly used Statistical Methods in Clinical trials include
1) Parametric test of significance
T-test for independent samples
Paired t-test
Analysis of Variance
2) Non- parametric test of significance
Wilcoxon’s signed rank test
Mann Whitney test
Chi square tests
3) Designs of experiments
Parallel or cross over designs

Statistical services for Bio-Equivalence Studies

The Bioavailability of a drug is defined as the rate and extent to which an active ingredient is absorbed and becomes available at the site of drug action. A bioavailability study refers to the comparison of bioavailability of different formulations of the same drug or different drug products.

Our services related to Bio – Equivalence includes

Estimation of the sample size required for the study
Generation of the randomization schedule
Estimation Analysis of Pharmacokinetic parameters as per US FDA guidelines for 2*2 crossover design
Deriving conclusions using ANOVA and Confidence Intervals

Complicated Data Analysis?
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